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Accounting Club

Our goal is to provide interested students with information on the accounting profession and current opportunities, to prepare them for successful careers, and to send them into the world in as fully equipped accounting professionals.

Active Minds (AM)

An organization to raise awareness and educate around mental health issues. Active minds wants to be a leader in changing the conversation about mental health on college campuses all around the globe.

Ally Program

The Ally Program provides intentional and active support for members of the college community who experience prejudice and marginalization. Allies are students, faculty, and staff who value inclusive treatment of all people.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Sigma Gamma Chapter (Sigma Gamma Chapter)

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, encourages collegiate women to excel academically as well as volunteering in local communities. We implement programs of service which enhances the lives of those living in our communities.

Alpha Phi

This organization has not yet updated their description.

Alpha Phi Omega (APO)

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed national service fraternity that promotes the principles Leadership, Friendship, and Service.

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (ATO)

A fraternity that binds men together focusing on leadership and involvement both on and off campus. By basing the brotherhood upon eternal and immutable principles we grow and thrive, not only as students, but as men.

Art Club

This organization’s purpose shall be to offer Lake Forest College students access to a wide variety of artistic opportunities for education and for displaying artwork.

Athletic Council (AC)

The Athletic Council is designed to spread and promote school spirit across the campus community. Through its support of LFC's varsity athletic teams, the council acts as a conduit between student athletes and the college community as a whole.

Awards Selection

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